Finding a great linen cupboard

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Things to Consider When You're Building Decking Around a Tree

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Wooden decking is a really great addition to your garden, adding a beautiful space designated for relaxing in comfort and style. In an ideal world, you’d have plenty of flat, empty space available if you wanted to have a deck installed. But backyards aren’t always perfectly laid out and, unfortunately, you might find some obstacles in your way. If you want to build decking right where there’s a tree, you could have the tree removed. Read More»

Choosing the Right Bedroom Dresser

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An elegant dresser completes the look of a bedroom, so it is important to choose the right one. Luckily, dressers come in many different styles and sizes so finding a suitable one should be relatively easy. Size A very large dresser usually looks wrong in a small bedroom while a tiny dresser will probably look ridiculous in a large bedroom. It is a good idea to take precise measurements of the room and the dresser before buying the piece. Read More»

Five Quick Tips for a Long-Lasting Canvas Trailer Canopy

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A canvas canopy is often a great addition to your trailer because it serves different purposes. The canopy protects the roof of your trailer from natural elements such as water and harmful rays from the sun. In addition, when extended, the canvas canopy can increase the living space around your trailer. When you want the canopy to serve you for many years without damage, a little cleaning and maintenance regimen can go a long way. Read More»

Tips For Caring For Your Outdoor Wood Furniture

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Having outdoor furniture that is made of wood allows you to have attractive furniture that is durable and provides warmth for your patio. However, it is also at risk of rot, mould, and various other forms of damage. Here are some tips for caring for and maintaining your outdoor wood furniture. Keep the Furniture Protected Many types of outdoor furniture can be left out even when it is going to rain or snow, but wood needs to be protected. Read More»

The Trick with Wicker: How to Paint Wicker Furniture

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Outdoor wicker furniture is a great addition to any garden or outdoor patio. It looks great and is very resilient. In fact, with the proper care, wicker furniture can last for many years. Of course, as time passes, your wicker furniture will start to look a little tired. A great way to revive old furniture is to paint it. Below is a guide to painting your wicker furniture  Prepare Your Furniture Read More»

How Red Cedar Wardrobes Can Protect Your Clothing from Moths

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Pulling a prized shirt or a beautiful dress out of your wardrobe, cabinet or chest of drawers, only to find it riddled with moth holes, can pretty much ruin your day. Over the centuries, people have tried all kinds of repellents to keep this insects away from their clothing, from moth balls to lavender oil. However, if you choose the right materials to build your wardrobe, you may not have to resort to any kind of moth repellent—certain varieties of cedar wood have long been believed to repel moth invaders. Read More»

Three Steps to Becoming a Cabinet Maker

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Being a cabinet maker is a great skilled trade to get into. Cabinet makers will learn a variety of skills. The cabinet maker will learn about the different types of wood used and what they are best suited for. They will also learn to assemble cabinets and install them. The cabinet maker will need to be able to interact with customers and at times be a good salesperson. Here are three steps to becoming a cabinet maker: Read More»