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Three Tips To Help Choose The Perfect Adjustable Electric Bed

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It is estimated that over the course of a person's life, they spend 33 years of it in bed! Considering how much time is spent there, it is important to carefully choose a new bed before financially committing to it. An adjustable electric bed is a bed type growing in popularity due to its flexibility. But how do you choose the perfect adjustable bed for your needs? Use these three helpful tips when you next go bed shopping.

Ease Of Use

The first factor to consider when looking at an adjustable electric bed is how easy it is to use. Is the controller self-explanatory? Or do you need an engineer's degree to use it? Each bed has its own set of features, and these include raising the head of the bed, raising the feet of the bed, and adjusting the firmness of the bed. Additionally, each side of the bed has its own control so that each person can adjust their side to their specific needs. For example, one person may be lying flat sleeping while the other person has the head raised so they are in a sitting position. Have a look at the control mechanism to make sure it is something you are comfortable using.

Wired Or Wireless Controller

Also, look to see if it is a wired or wireless controller. Wired controllers are often preferred because you cannot misplace them. However, some people prefer the flexibility that a wireless controller gives them. This preference is a factor to look at when you are narrowing down the choice of the perfect adjustable electric bed.

Motor Performance And Warranty

When looking at an adjustable electric bed, be sure to see the bed in action so you can see how loud or quiet the motor is. If you are sharing your bedroom with a baby, for example, you surely want a motor that is whisper-quiet. Additionally, find out what the life expectancy of the bed motor is and how long of a warranty it has. That helps indicate how long you can expect the bed to last before it needs replacing.

An adjustable electric bed is a perfect place for couples to sleep when they have different sleeping styles and bedtimes. Each person gets to adjust the bed to their individual needs without disturbing their partner. So, use these three tips to help find the perfect adjustable electric bed for your home.