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Choosing the Right Bedroom Dresser

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An elegant dresser completes the look of a bedroom, so it is important to choose the right one. Luckily, dressers come in many different styles and sizes so finding a suitable one should be relatively easy.


A very large dresser usually looks wrong in a small bedroom while a tiny dresser will probably look ridiculous in a large bedroom. It is a good idea to take precise measurements of the room and the dresser before buying the piece. Dressers are available in two main sizes. The Drawer Dresser is small and only contains drawers. The Door Dresser has a door in front which conceals the drawers. The small one is often knee-high. Large dressers are often waist-high. Some dominate the room —they are very commanding pieces of furniture, especially if they have big mirrors attached.


Think about the style of dresser that you want before looking. A pretty, light, curved piece looks gorgeous in a French Provincial style bedroom. White may be the best colour for a French bedroom, as long as it doesn't clash with the rest of the bedroom furniture. A white dresser or one decorated in pastel colours coordinates well with flowing curtains made of cotton or muslin and a bed with a quilt and cushions in matching shades. Often teenage girls like French-themed bedrooms, especially if they appreciate romantic styles of decorating.

Antique dressers may be heavy, dark wood or delicate and feminine-looking. A darker dresser usually suits the look of a country-style bedroom which often has curtains made of darker shades and stone or tiled floors. Some antique dressers have marble tops which look very ornamental and many come with elegant and useful mirrors.

An antique dresser will probably not suit a modern, stream-lined bedroom.

Sleek-looking modern dressers made of black, chocolate or grey wood complete contemporary bedrooms. One popular type of modern dresser is the austere Japanese-style dresser with its lack of adornment.

Decorating Your Dresser

Decorating the dresser with a cover may improve it. Mirrored tops or mirrored trays are popular at the moment. Place vases or ornamental bottles of scent on these for a feminine look. Other popular coverings for antique or French-style dressers are old doilies, lace covers or scarves.

It is important to match the type of decorations to the style of your dresser. Jewellery boxes, vintage jewellery, and vintage dolls are some suggestions for decorating an old-fashioned dresser. Modern vases and shells look good on contemporary dressers.

A child may like a dresser decorated with bright colours, perhaps with a theme. A young boy might like material with a sailing theme, for example. When the child becomes a teenager, he or she may prefer more muted shades.