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Why Opt for Wardrobes With Sliding Doors?

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Bedroom storage is often at a premium in modern Australian homes. This is because every last bit of space tends to have a purpose in contemporary homes, whether for dressing or relaxing. Especially in urban centres, bedrooms can be quite small these days which means that you want to get the very best out of the available space, something that often means compromising on how much storage you may have available. Therefore, when you are considering a new layout for your bedroom, sliding doors on your wardrobes are likely to feature. What makes sliding wardrobes so practical today?

Zero Clearance

To begin with, conventional wardrobes have hinged doors that need to swing out in front of the inner storage space so that they can be accessed properly. By comparison, sliding wardrobes do not need any such clearance room in front of them. Because the doors slide left and right rather than operating on hinges, you can get into your wardrobe to retrieve clothes or put them away with very little space in front. So long as you can stand in front of your wardrobe, you do not need to worry about leaving room for door clearance.

Additional Storage Space

Another key feature of made-to-measure sliding wardrobes is that they can have doors that drop down from the ceiling. As such, you get much more storage space than you otherwise would with a free-standing wardrobe that only goes up so high. In addition, it means being able to make useful storage space behind the sliding doors where you might not be able to fit other types of storage solution. For example, if you have a chimney breast or the eaves of your homes roof to contend with, then sliding wardrobes that cover them up will provide you with plenty of storage space and provide a much simpler interior decor style as well.

Simpler to Use

Another good thing to know about sliding wardrobes is that they are much easier to operate than other storage systems. You can easily push a sliding door to one side with just one hand which is useful if you are carrying a pile of clothes that you need to put away, for instance. Compare that to a chest of drawers in your bedroom which usually requires two hands to open and close. The same goes for most under-bed storage systems which you need to lift up. Sliding wardrobes win hands down in this regard.

To learn more about sliding wardrobes, contact furniture stores or contractors.