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Critical Features That Differentiate Sit-to-Stand Recliner Chair Models

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Limited mobility caused by health issues, accidents or old age can be discouraging because you struggle with accomplishing normal activities, such as sitting and standing. Thus, you might have to rely on the help of loved ones, but such dependence can make you feel like a burden to your family. Thanks to sit-to-stand recliner chairs, people with limited mobility can regain some of their independence. Notably, sit-to-stand chairs come in varying models and capabilities. This article highlights features that differentiate models of sit-to-stand chairs.

Single Motor -- Sit-to-stand models with a single motor are the most popular because they are entry-level and affordable. Notably, the backrest, seat, and footrest operate as a unit. Therefore, all components of the chair move as a single unit when you activate the recline option. Despite being a basic model, single-motor sit-to-stand chairs might include an emergency battery backup. This ensures that your chair can still operate in the event of a power failure. The best candidates for single-motor sit-to-stand recliner chairs are people with relatively mild mobility issues. Such people can move their legs easily while in the seated position, for example.

Dual Motor -- Unlike single-motor sit-to-stand chairs, models with dual motors offer an array of seating positions. This can be attributed to the fact that the two motors control the recline and footrest positions independently. This feature allows users to find the most comfortable position for their body, playing a crucial role in relieving the effects of sitting for too long. For instance, if your feet feel uncomfortable but you want to maintain the recline position, you can adjust the footrest accordingly. Dual-motor sit-to-stand chairs are best suited for people with severely limited mobility. Notably, the two motors help relieve pressure on the body, whether you are in the seated or recline position. In addition, the best dual-motor sit-to-stand chairs have a depth-adjustable seat, which is necessary for finding the ideal sitting position.

Space Saver -- Space is perhaps one of the most significant issues for patients who are shopping for sit-to-stand chairs. The reason is that the recline position requires adequate space behind the chair. Although you might have been exposed to standard sit-to-stand chair sizes, you can still choose space-saving models. These chairs require less clearance behind them when they are in the full recline position. Therefore, even if you have a small room, a space-saving sit-to-stand chair can fit well without compromising your comfort levels since you can place it close to the wall.