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Five Quick Tips for a Long-Lasting Canvas Trailer Canopy

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A canvas canopy is often a great addition to your trailer because it serves different purposes. The canopy protects the roof of your trailer from natural elements such as water and harmful rays from the sun. In addition, when extended, the canvas canopy can increase the living space around your trailer. When you want the canopy to serve you for many years without damage, a little cleaning and maintenance regimen can go a long way. This article highlights some tips to extend the life of your trailer canvas canopy.

Understand the Fabric -- Most canvas canopies are made from vinyl fabric, which has high waterproofing capability. However, the material can be prone to mildew buildup if exposed to high humidity, high temperatures, and poor ventilation. Avoid water condensation on the base of the canopy by keeping the canvas dry. If left wet, the condensation can combine with dust and dirt, leading to mildew. Understanding your fabric will help you prepare a proper cleaning regimen.

Cleaning the Fabric -- Regular cleaning of the trailer canopy should be one of the steps to guarantee an extended life. Cleaning prevents stains, rot, mildew, and mold that can easily destroy the canvas. The cleaning regimen will depend on the type of fabric used to make the canopy. A simple mixture of water, bleach, and dish soap is effective in removing stubborn stains and mildew. For light cleaning to remove dust and dirt, use plain water and a sponge. If you are into natural products, go for a combo of baking soda and white vinegar. Rinse the canvas with a garden hose and then dry in the sun.

Draining Water from the Canopy -- When setting up the canopy on the trailer, you should be mindful of the weather. During the rainy season, a canvas canopy can soak up gallons of water if not properly placed. Always install the canopy at an angle so that it can drain itself when it rains. Water accumulation can tear apart the canopy because of the excessive weight.

Protect Canopy from Ultra Violet (UV) Rays -- Some trailer canopies are equipped with flexible aluminum wraps that shelter the canvas when not in use. This aluminum prevents excessive damage caused by UV rays. Although this type of canopy may be expensive, it may be worth the cost because it will survive the brunt of UV rays.

Stabilize the Canopy – Sometimes, you may opt to extend the canopy to enjoy the shed underneath it. However, when extended, a canvas canopy can be susceptible to strong winds. Therefore, you should purchase a stabilizer kit, which consists of spiral stakes that are hinged on the ground to secure the canopy. The stakes are attached to ropes using tension units that keep the ropes taut. DIY manuals on the internet can help you make your own stabilizer kit; thus, saving yourself some money.