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Tips For Caring For Your Outdoor Wood Furniture

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Having outdoor furniture that is made of wood allows you to have attractive furniture that is durable and provides warmth for your patio. However, it is also at risk of rot, mould, and various other forms of damage. Here are some tips for caring for and maintaining your outdoor wood furniture.

Keep the Furniture Protected

Many types of outdoor furniture can be left out even when it is going to rain or snow, but wood needs to be protected. Pay close attention to the weather forecast and cover the furniture when rain is expected. Any type of cover that will reflect water off of the wood will work just fine. When it is a heavy raining season or the winter when you don't spend much time on the patio, consider moving the furniture into a shed or garage or inside your home.

Apply Oil to Teak Furniture

If you have teak furniture outdoors, it helps to have an additional layer of protection over the quality hardwood. Teak oil is good for both sealing the wood and keeping it from becoming discoloured or drying out. If you live in a dry environment, teak can quickly change colours when left out in the sun, but teak oil helps to slow down the discoloration. It also provides a layer of protection from stains and mould. As a hardwood, it will still change to a lighter shade of wood over time, so keep that in mind.

Clean the Furniture Carefully

There may come a time when you want to clean the wood furniture, but you don't want to get it too wet. It is okay to use water and a soft-bristle brush. Just don't soak the furniture and don't leave it wet. After removing dirt and debris, make sure you take a soft and dry towel to dry off the wet spots as much as you can. Be careful about the cleaning products you use, trying to use just water or mild soap when needed. Avoid bleach and other harsh chemicals.

Remove Mould Swiftly

If your wood furniture gets wet or is left out in humid conditions, it might start to develop mould. If parts of the wood look like a darker shade, are becoming ashy, or have a bad odour, it probably has some mould on it. Make sure you gently remove the mould as soon as possible as this helps to save your furniture. Use a soft scrubbing brush and warm water to remove the mould, making sure to wear gloves.

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