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Three Steps to Becoming a Cabinet Maker

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Being a cabinet maker is a great skilled trade to get into. Cabinet makers will learn a variety of skills. The cabinet maker will learn about the different types of wood used and what they are best suited for. They will also learn to assemble cabinets and install them.

The cabinet maker will need to be able to interact with customers and at times be a good salesperson. Here are three steps to becoming a cabinet maker:


The oldest way in the book to learn a trade is to be an apprentice and work under a master tradesman. Anyone interested in becoming a cabinet maker should enjoy doing manual work. They should have a good eye for detail and an appreciation of producing a high quality product. While working as an apprentice the future cabinet maker will learn to read specifications and follow the written directions perfectly to produce the cabinet required.

The apprentice will work directly under the master cabinet maker and learn all tools of the trade. Some of the skills learned will be cutting the wood with a myriad of tools, trimming and gluing joints and attaching hinges so the cabinet can open and close. The apprentice cabinet maker will learn to install cabinets. Another useful skill the master cabinet maker will teach is how to repair old or damaged cabinets.

Work With the Master Cabinet Maker

The next step is to go out into the field to work alongside the master cabinet maker. You will get the chance to learn to interact with customers and clients, and get first-hand experience on what it takes to excel at this occupation. The real world learning will allow the apprentice cabinet maker to practice installing and hanging multiple types of cabinets.

The apprentice cabinet maker will get a chance to accurately learn what it is like to be a master cabinet maker. The work the apprentice does with the master cabinet maker will be paid work. Money always helps when starting out in the world!

Attending an RTO

RTO stands for registered trade organisation, and this is where the soon to be cabinet maker will receive off the job training. Training requirements are decided on with the master cabinet maker. The novice will complete their training through the RTO. Training is completed when all requirements are met.

Cabinet making is a great profession to learn and one that is timeless.